Kerry Park

“By far the most iconic view of Seattle is that famous post-card like view with the Space Needle with downtown Seattle behind it, and towering behind that Mount Rainier. There are only a very few locations in the Seattle area with such a view, and by far the most famous of those is Kerry Park, at the south end of Queen Anne, or just north of the Space Needle / Seattle Center.
Obviously, if it isn’t a clear day, you won’t see Mount Rainier, but even so the view of the Space Needle with downtown in the background is certainly still an attraction here.”

Contact no:
Location: West Highland Drive between 2nd & 3rd Ave West

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Ride the Duck Tours: Land & Water Craft in 1.5 hrs

“Starting from the far east side of the Seattle Center, on an odd triangle of land across 5th Avenue North from the Experience Music Project, you will find a home of surplus war equipment used to give brief tours of Seattle from both the road and from Lake Union.

While these tours do not give a huge amount of extensive history of Seattle, they do provide a great introduction to various parts of the city in only an hour and a half, from the unique perspective of a vehicle capable of moving on the water or on the highway.”

Contact no:(206)441-DUCK (3825)

Location: 5th and Broad Street, Seattle

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Victoria Clipper: Trips to Victoria and Elsewhere

Victoria Clipper (despite the name, the ships used are not, in fact, antique sailing vessels of any sort, but are modern diesel powered craft capable of moving at fairly high speeds) is primarily known for operating trips by ship from Seattle to Victoria, BC. However, they offer quite a variety of day and overnight trips out of Seattle, including whale watching trips from Seattle to the San Juan Islands, day trips and overnight trips to Leavenworth, and various other destinations all over the Pacific Northwest.

Contact no:
Location: Pier 69 (2701 Alaskan Way), Seattle, WA 98121

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Float Pane Tours and Transportation

Kenmore Air float plane leaves Lake Union, Seattle

“Departing from the south side of Lake Union, near Lake Union Park, Kenmore Air operates charter, tourist, and scheduled air service from a small airport. Lake Union serves as its only runway.
Regularly scheduled flights out of the Lake Union airport include Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands, Victoria BC, Deer Harbor, the West Sound airport, and Lopez Island.
Tourist Packages include full packages to any of these destinations, including overnight stay, whale watching trips, and a number of other activities.
“”Flightseeing”” trips are out and back in a day trip. This includes a 20 minute $91 tour around Seattle, and a $199 two hour tour to the San Juan Islands – but the trip is so fast that you are not able to leave the aircraft upon arrival at any of the stops in the San Juan Islands.”

Contact no:
Location: Address: 950 Westlake Avenue N., Seattle, WA 98109

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Ballard Locks, Seattle

“The Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, built in 1911 and often nicknamed the Ballard Locks, provides a link for boats between the salt water of Puget Sound and the fresh water of the Ship Canal, which connects eastward to Lake Union and Lake Washington.
Tourists and locals enjoy watching the parade of sailboats, motorboats, tugs, barges and yachts passing through, as the locks’ water levels are adjusted to allow their safe passage.
Another popular spot is the fish ladder, built to allow salmon to pass between fresh and salt water, and to navigate the locks. Glass panels below the water line make it possible to watch the fish as they swim through the ladder.”

Contact no: (206) 783-7059

Location: 3015 – NW 54th St., Ballard nieghborhood

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Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

If your grandchild can’t find a souvenir of his Seattle visit at this kitschy combination local institution/waterfront gift shop/ersatz museum of the absurd, he or she won’t be able to find it anywhere. But grandchildren still enjoy one of the oddest collections of stuff this side of Ripley’s Believe It or Not, including a petrified mummy named Sylvester, shrunken heads, a three-tusked walrus, and a two-headed bull. What’s not to love?

Contact no: (206) 682-5844

Location: 1001 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98104

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Woodland Park Zoo

When you think rainy-day activity, a zoo isn’t the first idea come to mind, but Woodland Park is different. Even if it’s too nasty outside to visit the new Sumatran tiger cub, see the Elephant Forest or ride the 1918 carousel, you can still feed birds in the Willawong Station or grandchildren younger than eight can play in Zoomasium, a play space where they can explore nature.

Contact no: (206) 684-4800

Location: 601 North 59th Street, Seattle, WA 98103

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The Fremont Troll

Normally we wouldn’t recommend you take hard-to-impress grandchildren just to check out a lowly statue. This, however, is a different kind of public art. Located under the Aurora Bridge it features a Volkswagen-eating troll with hubcaps for eyes and a Volkswagen in its hands. It’s a great photo opportunity and grandchildren of all ages love climbing around on its head and shoulders.

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Location: Troll Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

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Smith Tower

Before there was a Space Needle, grandparents took their grandchildren to the Smith Tower, the tallest building west of the Mississippi River for half a century. Although many larger buildings have sprouted around it, the 35th floor observation deck still provides a great view of Pioneer Square (and might not be as intimidating as the Space Needle). It’s also the only building in town that still uses elevator operators.

Contact no: (206) 622-4004

Location: 506 Second Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104

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Seattle Aquarium

Even if you’ve taken your grandchildren before, the recent expansion makes it worth another look. The most impressive addition is the 20 by 40 foot Window on Washington Waters showing animals you’d see on Neah Bay. Watch the kids’ eyes pop open when they see a diver wearing a mask on the other side of the window giving a presentation on the marine animals in the tank.

Contact no: (206) 386-4300

Location: 1483 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98101

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