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Kenmore Air float plane leaves Lake Union, Seattle

“Departing from the south side of Lake Union, near Lake Union Park, Kenmore Air operates charter, tourist, and scheduled air service from a small airport. Lake Union serves as its only runway.
Regularly scheduled flights out of the Lake Union airport include Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands, Victoria BC, Deer Harbor, the West Sound airport, and Lopez Island.
Tourist Packages include full packages to any of these destinations, including overnight stay, whale watching trips, and a number of other activities.
“”Flightseeing”” trips are out and back in a day trip. This includes a 20 minute $91 tour around Seattle, and a $199 two hour tour to the San Juan Islands – but the trip is so fast that you are not able to leave the aircraft upon arrival at any of the stops in the San Juan Islands.”

Contact no:
Location: Address: 950 Westlake Avenue N., Seattle, WA 98109

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