Inner Richmond District


The Inner Richmond is a bustling multicultural soup, often described as the friendliest neighborhood in the city. It’s filled with stucco houses and grand mansions and has easy access to the Presidio, a plethora of inexpensive eateries, and a good variety of shops. The Richmond is quieter than the go-go Mission, and the fog comes in earlier than elsewhere. On its main dining and shopping drag, Clement Street, you’ll find great Burmese, Thai, and Chinese bakeries that sell steamed dumplings and pork buns for under a dollar and exotic (yet cheap) produce markets where you can play “guess the vegetable.” Drink some Hong Kong-style pearl tea (complete with marble-size tapioca balls), stop by Haig’s Delicacies (642 Clement Street) to browse the rare, imported spices, or sit down for a French bistro meal, and you’ll come to appreciate the neighborhood that sprouted from the sand dunes. This is the best neighborhood in San Francisco for young children, but be forewarned, parking is hard to find on the weekends.

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Location: Clement Street and Park Presidio Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94118

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