Parrots of Telegraph Hill

The rowdy and charming flock of Cherry-headed Conures is thought to have come here in the late 80s, and they’re still delighting curious children today. Originally from South America, no one is sure exactly how they ended up on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco. In the 90s their fame grew along with their numbers, and there are now more than 100 parrots in the group. These are beautiful, brightly-colored, tropical parrots, who manage to survive in San Francisco due to the mild climate (which seems to suit the human inhabitants as well). Several years ago, their primary caretaker, Mark Bittner, wrote a book and contributed to a film about this curious flock, which only increased their fame. They’re now the most loved feathered citizens of the city.

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Telegraph Hill Boulvard, San Francisco, CA 94111
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