Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

Fortune cookies were invented in Golden Gate Park, but the biggest local producer these days is Golden Gate Fortune Cookies & Company. This place isn’t easy to find, and you’ll wander through Chinatown, past the souvenir shops, and down a rundown alley before you come across it. In this antiquated bakery, which makes thousands of fortune cookies every day, you and your children can watch women quickly folding thin platters of dough over slips of paper to make the famous cookies. Sadly, they won’t let you see the wise old sage that writes the advice on the fortune cookies. As samples they give out thin, sweet wafers. Kids love the antiquated machinery, and it’s rare these days for them to see food actually being made.

Contact no: (415) 781-3956

Location: 56 Ross Alley, San Francisco, CA 94108

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