Zankou Chicken

Mention Zankou Chicken to any LA native and you’re sure to get a speech on the merits of its legendary garlic sauce. Better to just experience it first-hand at one of this popular chain’s many locations. The rotisserie chicken is perfect, with crispy flaky skin complemented smoothly by the aforementioned garlic sauce. Other Armenian staples like falafel, shawarma, and hummus are also great. children may want to order one of the combos, which come with an assortment of items, pita for dipping, and delicious pink pickled vegetables.

Contact number: (323) 665-7842

Location: 5065 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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Village Pizzeria

LA is not much of a pizza town, probably because, unlike a lot of major cities, it’s never had much of an Italian immigrant population. There is delicious pizza to be had here, it’s just harder to track down. Opened by a Brooklyn transplant, Village Pizzeria in Larchmont has been serving amazing pizzas and Italian dishes and also functions as a market, selling sauces and dry goods imported from Italy. Order a large thin crust pizza to share with your children, and fresh pastas with meatballs or pesto for the grown-ups.

Contact number: (323) 465-5566

Location: “131 North Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90004”

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The Apple Pan

Plenty of Hollywood lore involves movie stars discovered at lunch counters and soda shops, but it’s hard to imagine finding today’s Lana Turner at a fast food joint. Better then to revisit the burger shops of yore, and none better than the historic Apple Pan on Pico. Stepping through the doors is like entering a time warp into 1947, when it opened. Neither the décor nor the streamlined menu has changed since then, boasting two delicious burgers and a smattering of sandwiches. The “steak burger” is classically thick and juicy, and its smokier cousin, the “hickory burger” tastes like it came right off a barbeque. The tuna sandwich and egg-salad sandwich have their devotees as well, and the fries are perfectly golden and crispy. Don’t forget to save room for a slice of one of the delicious pies, which come in pecan and cream, in addition to the titular apple. There are no tables, so you and your children may have to wait a few minutes for an opening at the small U-shaped counter, but your first bite will tell you it was more than worth it.

Contact number: (310) 475-3585

Location: 10801 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064-2105

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Siete Mares

Fish tacos are a California institution, and this modest Sunset Boulevard stand serves them perfectly. Try the fish or shrimp tacos; delicious fried seafood and crispy cabbage with sour cream sauce. Hungrier children should opt for a burrito, and grown-ups should try one of the delicious ceviches; raw seafood cocktails. Seating is outdoors on the patio for the taco stand, but there’s also an adjoining restaurant with a bigger menu and booths.

Contact number: (323) 664-4604

Location: “3143 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026-2131”

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Shik Do Rak

Korean barbecue usually consists of grilled meats and a variety of small dishes of pickled veggies and salads with complementing sweet and salty flavors. At Shik Do Rak, these mainstays are served up with Duk Bo Sam, papery rice noodle skins, so children can fold up their choice of ingredients into a kind of wrap and dip them in flavored oil and chili sauces. More affordable than most Korean BBQ joints, Shik Do Rak is also great for large parties and families.

Contact number: (213) 384-4148

Location: “2501 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90006-2913”

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Philippe the Original

One of two restaurants with a claim to inventing the French Dip sandwich, Philippe the Original serves up its delicious sopping sandwiches alongside other traditional deli fare. Located downtown by Union Station, Philippe has been open since 1908, making it an historical landmark by LA standards. The dark interior has a nostalgic feel, and your children will enjoy exploring the restaurant, which is packed full of local memorabilia.

Contact number: (213) 628-3781

Location: “1001 North Alameda Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012-1803”

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Pazzo Gelato

One of the progenitors of the recent gelato boom in LA, Pazzo Gelato has fresh unique flavors everyday, featuring seasonal fruits fresh from the downtown farmer’s market. Crisp fruit sorbets match well with creamier offerings like tart European yogurt, nutty espresso hazelnut, and egg custard zabaglione. Your children can get their flavors of choice served several ways, in a cup, cone, or as a sundae. Adults may want to try a more sophisticated sundae by getting theirs “afogato” style, with a shot of espresso poured over the gelato. Heat lamps line the patio so cold treats can be enjoyed even during winter months.

Contact number: (323) 662-1410

Location: “3827 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026”

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Palms Thai



Palms sits on the border between Thai Town and Hollywood, and it shows. Superb for Thai food and people watching, on many nights it boasts Thai Elvis, one of a cast of ethnic Elvis impersonators who entertain the dinner crowds. children will enjoy Thai favorites like Pad Thai and chicken satay, while adventurous adults should try delicacies like crispy frog and the limey garlicky BBQ dishes.

Contact number: (323) 462-5073

Location: 5900 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028-5410

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Ocean Seafood

LA’s Chinatown may not be particularly authentic -it was built in the thirties as a tourist attraction and features props donated by Cecil B. DeMille—but the dim sum at Ocean Seafood certainly is. In addition to a full menu of Cantonese cuisine and a wall of live seafood tanks, waiters bring carts to your table stockpiled with delicious plates of the tea snacks known as dim sum. Your children will be thrilled with the variety of options, as treats like har gow, shui mai, pork bao, and spare ribs are offered up. After lunch, stroll the streets and investigate the local boutiques, a fantastic place to seek out cheap and original gifts.

Contact number: (213) 687-2819

Location: 750 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012-2819

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Nyala Ethiopian Cuisine

For an immersion into a communal dining experience, head to Little Ethiopia, a stretch of a few blocks just south of Museum Mile lined with restaurants serving traditional Ethiopian cuisine. You and your children sit on the floor or stumps of wood, pulling pieces off a large freshly baked flatbread to dip in delicious, exotically spiced and seasoned stews. A great option for large groups or families, it’s also fairly inexpensive, making it easy to order an assortment of dishes to share.

Contact number: (323) 936-5918

Location: 1076 South Fairfax Avenue at Whitworth Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90019

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