The Apple Pan

Plenty of Hollywood lore involves movie stars discovered at lunch counters and soda shops, but it’s hard to imagine finding today’s Lana Turner at a fast food joint. Better then to revisit the burger shops of yore, and none better than the historic Apple Pan on Pico. Stepping through the doors is like entering a time warp into 1947, when it opened. Neither the décor nor the streamlined menu has changed since then, boasting two delicious burgers and a smattering of sandwiches. The “steak burger” is classically thick and juicy, and its smokier cousin, the “hickory burger” tastes like it came right off a barbeque. The tuna sandwich and egg-salad sandwich have their devotees as well, and the fries are perfectly golden and crispy. Don’t forget to save room for a slice of one of the delicious pies, which come in pecan and cream, in addition to the titular apple. There are no tables, so you and your children may have to wait a few minutes for an opening at the small U-shaped counter, but your first bite will tell you it was more than worth it.

Contact number: (310) 475-3585

Location: 10801 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064-2105

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