La Parrilla

Los Angeles is home to Mexican restaurants to suit every taste and budget, but if you’re looking to please a crowd of hungry children, you can’t go wrong with La Parrilla. Festive in atmosphere and more than reasonable in price, La Parrilla has three locations in the L.A. area. The menu is as overstuffed and brilliant as the décor. Adventurous adults should try the molcajetes, stone urns full of cooked meats, cactus leaves (nopalitos) and cheese, or any of the amazing molé dishes. Children may just want to stick to the giant combo plates of enchiladas, chile rellenos, and other Mexican favorites. Strolling “musicos” add to the cheerful ambience.

Contact number: (323) 661-8055

Location: “3129 West Sunset Boulevard at Silver Lake Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90026-2131”

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