Stow Lake Boat and Bike Rentals

Rent pedal-powered boats at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. Stow Lake is a beautiful moat filled with ducks and other waterfowl that enjoy popcorn which is on sale at the snack bar. Best of all, the lake is open year-round because of the city’s mild weather. You and your children can pedal under bridges and over reeds in one of San Francisco’s most beautiful places.

Contact no: (415) 752-0347

Location: 50 Stow Lake Drive, San Francisco, CA 94118

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This National Historic Landmark was established by the Spanish during colonial times to guard the bay against invasion and later served as a base for the American military through the Cold War. Since 1994 it’s been a National Park. You can visit the unique (if a bit morbid) pet cemetery, check out the old gun batteries or take a stroll down scenic lovers’ lane. The Presidio golf course (300 Finley Road) offers one of the best views in the city as well.

Contact no: (415) 561-4323

Location: 50 Moraga Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94129″

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Ride a Bike to Sausalito

Ride a bicycle across the legendary Golden Gate Bridge, then coast downhill to Sausalito for a bite to eat before taking a ferry back to the city. This ride is the best and most memorable way for you and your children to see the bridge. You can set your own pace and explore the Presidio or the Marin Headlands at your leisure. After all, what’s the rush? The helpful staff at Blazing Saddles will equip you with a bike, a helmet, a map, a bottle of water, and a ferry pass to get back and directions. The only thing left for you and your child is actually pushing the pedals.

Contact no: (415) 202-8888

Location: 2715 Hyde Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

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Golden Gate Park

There are dozens of things to do in Golden Gate Park, but some of them stand out. First, no trip would be complete without paying a visit to the buffalo (or bison, if you want to get technical). The bison paddock was established in 1891 and serves as a breeding area. The current population is 5 beautiful, if a little aloof, buffalo. Next you’ll want to visit the Japanese Tea Garden, world famous for being the site that invented the fortune cookie. At the Japanese Tea Garden, you can enjoy a traditional Japanese tea ceremony; cookies come afterward.

Contact no: (415) 831-2700

Location: Fulton Street and Stanyan Street, San Francisco, CA 94121

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