Woodland Park: The Rose Garden

“Woodland Park: The Rose Garden
On the south side of the Woodland Park Zoo, there is one of several parking areas that serve the zoo grounds. On the east side of this parking lot for the Woodland Park Zoo, you will find the entrance to the Woodland Park Rose Garden. There is only one entrance into and out of the garden, and the garden is well protected by fences.
There are two fountains in the rose garden, and everything is very well manicured. It isn’t a huge rambling garden, but it is fairly good sized.
While the roses are the primary purpose of the garden, there are a number of other blooms you will find here, and they keep the color of the garden going to some extent even when the roses are out of season. Keep in mind that Seattle is further north and stays fairly cold, so the rose blossoms happen fairly late in the year compared to Portland and other places further south.”

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Location: 750 N 50th St, Seattle

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