Mountain Lake Park


Mountain Lake Park has a small enclosure, and it’s always teeming with professional dogwalkers leading (or being led by) a plentitude of pups. It’s a quiet park, with slides and grassy areas for playing, but the waterfowl that live here really make it special. Even though there are more birds in the ponds in Golden Gate Park to the south, the ducks, geese, and loons here are much friendler, probably because they’re used to being barked at by dogs. Little kids bearing breadcrumbs are welcome. Many of the ducks will eat right out of your children’s hand. It sounds like a small thing — feeding the ducks in a park — but to a kid, it’s enormous. The best time to come is during the week, when parking is easier to find.

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Location: Lake Street and Park Presidio Boulevard Presidio of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 94118

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