Frye Art Museum


“Charles and Emma Frye were early Seattle art collectors and business leaders. They loaned a number of works from their private collection to various Seattle events, and they hosted a number of art and charitable events in their home. The Frye museum opened in 1952, with the former Frye collection forming the basis of their exhibits.
However, as part of maintaining the collection, the museum has also tried to maintain the spirit of civic responsibility that Charles and Emma Frye had in hosting the various events at their home, as well as their charitable works. The museum now features a mixture of contemporary works plus items from the collection of Founding Frye Collection. The museum has an extensive public outreach and education part of its work, and there are considerable efforts by the museum to use art work to reach out to marginalized parts of the local society. This may be seen by some of the works on display here.”

Contact no:(206) 622-9250

Location: 704 Terry Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98104

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