Ride the Ducks

These World War II-era, amphibious army vehicles are now taking families on quack-happy tours of Philadelphia. You and the children can sing and quack your way past more than a dozen sites in Old City and South Street, including Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the United States Mint, and the Betsy Ross House, finishing up with a splash as you cruise into the Delaware.

Contact number: (877) 887-8225

Location: Sixth Street and Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106

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30th Street Station

This beautifully restored train station, which was featured in the films Trading Places, Witness (starring Harrison Ford), and M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable, is alive with the hustle and bustle of busy urban commuters. The children will be thrilled to take a suburban rail train to and from the station, especially if the outing includes lunch at McDonald’s or one of the other eateries. The statue of an angel lifting a dead soldier honors Pennsylvania Railroad employees killed in World War II. Septa and Amtrak operate at the station.

Contact number: (215) 349-3196

Location: 30th Street and Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

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